Grayscale y Patty Walters: Come Undone

Grayscale es una banda formada en Philadelphia en 2011, dedicada a armar rocoanrolito de corte suave, ligero para los niños fresis de manita cornuta por lo que, con su Adornment bajo el brazo, salen a la carretera con la determinación de conquistar el mundo y hacerse de alíados como un tal Patty Walters.

Come Undone es una derivación de aquella ley de vida que dice que el dolor es inevitable pero el sufrimiento es opcional, lección que te pudiste evitar de no haber abierto la puerta pero que tiene una solución inmediata si la cierras de una vez.

Grayscale y Patty Walters, Come Undone…

Now I’m gone, gone and out of your life
Like a blood moon burning underneath the sun Now I’m gone, out of sight and out of your mind Like a wayward soul possessed speaking in tongues, you love to watch me come undone
Stood face to face with your ghost tonight, and I tried to apologize, as you crept in my mind
I crashed my car on black ice tonight
Barely made it out alive
I think you smashed my headlights
Don’t know why your winds keep blowing in my mind
You disappeared on me for quite some time
Violent and restless nights, I live my life at high tide
Hope I never have to see your face again
Should’ve never let you in in the first place, but I’ll mend
I miss the way it was when you would smile big,
I never listened, forever living at a distance
I wish I could cut myself out of my own skin
I never listened, forever living at a distance
Heartstrings tied in knots
Pinched my veins shut



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