Noctorum: Dancing With Death

Noctorum es la banda que integran como base Marty Willson-Piper y Dare Mason, músicos que han venido trabajando arduamente en la promoción de sencillos como The Moon Drips, Piccadilly Circus in the Rain y A Girl With No Love, parte de The Afterlife, su cuarto álbum de estudio que, luego de ser defraudados por PledgeMusic y ver comprometido un enorme capital de trabajo, deciden echar mano de su trabajo y lanzar The Afterdeath EP para fondearse y salvar no sólo su trabajo sino el de todos aquellos que dependen de Schoolkids Records.

Dancing With Death es un tema que, entre la gran cantidad de dudas, cuestiones y posibilidades que representa la vida, describe la única certeza y garantía que tenemos en la vida, toda vez que, sin importar lugar, momento o personalidades que nos rodeen, lo cierto es que la única compañía constante y certera que tendremos todo el tiempo es la muerte.

On the 31st of October, the dawning of Halloween, we shall be on the last day of our GoFundMe campaign. The campaign has inspired many generous donations that have helped all involved with the Noctorum album ‘The Afterlife’ recover some of the losses incurred with the bankruptcy of PledgeMusic. It’s been difficult with all the costs as we didn’t receive more than half the money we raised, but we still finished the album and honoured all the pledges on release in February this year.
As we draw the campaign to a close, I would like thank everybody on behalf of us all for the support and we truly hope that in the future we can take on another crowdfunding campaign without fear.
The release of the instrumental album ‘One Day’ by Atlantaeum Flood is imminent (November 8th on Schoolkids Records) and as I write this we are in the final stages of mixing the second MOAT album ‘Poison Stream’. There are many more projects on the way and we strive to stay creative and keep releasing new music into the future.
You can go find our initial posts about the situation we found ourselves in and a description of what we are offering musically and artistically, but, in the meantime, we have decided to make available ‘Dancing With Death’, the lead track from ‘The Afterdeath’ EP for those that have not heard it as consideration for a contribution for the whole 4-track download. The links also take you to the pictures of the artwork (that people have downloaded to make their own CDs), illustrated by Olivia and designed by our Swiss friend Andy Jossi.
So from my partners in many projects (Dare, Olivia and Stephen Judge at Schoolkids Records), thank you once again and thank you for all the positive feedback we have received over the last few years and see you very soon with our next labour of love.

Marty Willson-Piper

Noctorum, Dancing With Death…

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