Watch Clark: Missed Opportunities

Watch Clark es una banda oriunda de Seattle que se dedica al llamado industrial y al synthpop de corte noventero y, tras 5 años rolando y creando, nos presenta su nuevo álbum, First Week of Winter, una colección de 10 temas disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

Missed Opportunities es la canción de todos esos orgasmos, sudores y momentos relajantes que, por jugarle a la virtud y la pureza, dejaste escapar gracias al miedo que te produce lo desconocido y a esa miopia que te hace confundir la pasión con el llamado amor.

Watch Clark, Missed Opportunities…

The furtive glance was unexpected
Your conversation threw me for a spin
Paint a path depart tangential
I tripped before we could begin

Cruel moments on the phone
Next to you but so alone
Turn the raven in your hands
I had to walk away

Still thinking of the path not taken

So caught up being intellectual
Overthinking everything sexual
Missed opportunities
Will forever haunt me
I made my bed
And now I have to lie
Now I have to lie in it

Running through fields of rye
A neon sign that flickered brightly
Car crash on the horizon
And still my hands grip the wheel tightly

We hung each other out to dry
Strips of flesh that catch the eye
There’s nothing left here to repair
You had your final say

Still thinking of the path not taken


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