Kim Gordon: Murdered Out

Kim Gordon es reconocida por sus aportaciones al mundo y a la cultura de las décadas recientes gracias a su participación en Sonic Youth, más tras la disolución de esta legendaria banda, se ha mantenido en el candelero, creyendo, creando y difundiendo su palabra.

Murdered Out es un tema que refleja esa necesidad de desprenderse del llamado tren del mame a partir de que, si bien hay cosas que es necesario conocer o adquirir para mantenerse “en onda”, es menester desprenderse de la llamada “cosificación” del todo y apropiarse de los objetos como parte de nuestra identidad, contraria a esa tendencia del ser y tener, donde son los bienes aquellos que reflejan como queremos crean es nuestra vida, en un mundo de mera apariencia donde la vanidad podría cobrarte algo más que simples billetes.

Kim Gordon, Murdered Out…

Dice Kim Gordon sobre el sencillo…

Black matte spray.

When I moved back to LA I noticed more and more cars painted with black matte spray, tinted windows, blackened logos, and black wheels. This was something I had occasionally seen in the past, part of low-rider car culture. A reclaiming of a corporate symbol of American success, The Car, from an outsider’s point of view. A statement-making rejection of the shiny brand new look, the idea of a new start, the promise of power, and the freedom on the open road. Like an option on a voting ballot, “none of the above.”

“Murdered Out,” as a look, is now creeping into mainstream culture as a design trend. A coffee brand. A clothing line. A nail polish color.

Black-on-black matte is the ultimate expression in digging out, getting rid of, purging the soul. Like a black hole, the supreme inward look, a culture collapsing in on itself, the outsider as an unwilling participant as the “It” look.

I met the uber talented Justin Raisen, the producer, offhandedly. He was working on a project with another artist and kept sending me tracks to listen to with the possibility of getting me to sing on one of them. When I learned I could make up my own lyrics, I was in. With the remaining bits of unused vocals, he started what would be “Murdered Out.” Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) plays drums, based on the trashy drums that Justin first laid down. I went back and did more vocals and guitar and we mixed it…”Murdered Out” was such a great surprise! Looking forward to our next collaboration.

Kim Gordon
August 2016



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