Goldfinger: Am I Deaf / Get What I Need

Goldfinger finalmente tiene su Knife en el mercado y, como buenos mercaderes, ofrecen su mercancía al mejor postor, más el día de hoy han lanzado un par de temas incluídos en este material, no como sencillos sino como un pequeño sampler de lo que se puede encontrar en el álbum.

Am I Deaf, Get What I Need es un combo de canciones que representa uno o varios de esos momentos por los que pasas a lo largo de la vida, en los cuales parecería que todo ha terminado y no hay más que hacer o recorrer hasta que llegan tus amigos a sacarte de ese bache y recordarte el camino y las andanzas para que sea el espíritu de esto la chispa que encienda y haga rugir de nuevo el motor.

Goldfinger, Am I Deaf…

You been talking to yourself again
You haven’t figured out you’re your only friend
You been fightin with yourself again
It’s time to give up
Brush your teeth, comb your hair, what’s left of it
Write a song, see a show, stay relevant
Sing along to The Jam feel young again
Time to live it up

Every time it feels just like I lost it
I realize that my head is just so full of shit
Who gives a damn about the songs your playing, just sayin
Sometimes I feel so old yeah am i deaf or am I just a little left of what they listen to today

Video record every show you see
Sing along but you aren’t here with me
It’s like the whole thing is make believe, not in this moment
At this point no one is listening, after chorus one everything is boring
ADD add Ritalin, is everybody loaded, is everybody loaded

I know I sound just like my dad did to me
Have I found a way out of the misery, music used to make me free, The Who, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys
Does anyone have something left to say

Goldfinger, Get What I Need…

It was 30 years ago since we smashed the window
Of that northern California house
A safety pin in my ear on Cayton’s bike
Playin Bad Brains fuckin loud
Smokin weed on the streets in the California heat
Spray paint on the walls
Stealin booze cracked a tooth we had nothing else to lose
Getting wasted to Twist and Crawl

Some day you’ll find everything will be alright
I lost myself just to get what I want again
Some day you’ll see everything I left behind
I lost myself just to get what I want again
Lost myself just to get to get what I need

Fade away in my head again
Watch the days, the months, the years turn to rust
Skies are gray, will I be ok
Watch the memories I made, turn to dust

Sometimes to get I want, don’t get what I need
To get what I want I don’t get what I need



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